Automated trading system for India market

List of automated (program or algo based) trading platforms for Indian market. These Algorithmic trading platforms support trading in NSE(National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).
ODIN,AlgoStudio, StrategyStudio, Symphony-Presto, OMNESYS Nest, RTS, CoolTrade
Free trading platforms: Marketcetera, Tradelink, NinjaTrader

COOLTRADE, Inc. is the premier provider of automated stock trading technology with its groundbreaking point-and-click robotic trading system. Designed to simplify, automate, and eliminate human error in the strategy-development and stock trading processes, CoolTrade’s automated solution has achieved popular appeal with its Profit Protection, Profit Maximization, Real-time Simulation, and Stealth Mode features. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company was founded in 2004 by former Microsoft software design engineer, ED Barsano.
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ODIN-Program Trading is a special trading application that facilitates auto-execution of the trades based on the selected strategies. Program Trading can be used to take advantage of arbitrage/spread opportunities that exist across the Cash and Futures or Calendar Spread in various Exchanges like MCX, MCX Stock Exchange to cater the segments like Commodities, Currency, Equities and Derivatives. The application has a built-in intelligence to search for the opportunities that exist in the market as per the yield and other criteria defined by the use.
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StrategyStudio™ is a new generation comprehensive suite for designing, analyzing, optimizing and executing fully automated mechanical trading systems. It provides a complete framework for research and modeling of your trading strategies with Direct Market Access (DMA) capabilities and to make your trading system go live. Its orientation as an Expert System and the use of Artificial Intelligence makes StrategyStudio a powerful platform, leveraging the user’s capabilities by a high level of usability and practicability in terms of targets and approaches for better trading strategy optimization results in less amount of time.
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AlgoStudio is an event-driven, ultra low-latency, scalable and high-frequency algorithmic trading platform that facilitates automated trading with increase in profitability and competitive advantage.

Using AlgoStudio, trading organizations can identify favorable market conditions in multiple markets and simultaneously execute complex strategies to capture short-lived trading opportunities at reduced risk and operational cost.
AlgoStudio removes the complexity of creating and deploying a market-driven strategy by bringing together the infrastructure components behind the scenes with rich Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for strategy implementation, so that developers can devote their energies to the most important task of implementing business logic. This automated trading platform helps brokers, fund management organizations and financial institutions to execute orders using highly customizable strategies to suit their business needs.
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Symphony-Presto is an advanced Trading Platform for multi-exchange & cross-asset trading. It is based on standard protocols accepted worldwide, such as FIX. It can used for all major Segments/Instruments, such as, MCX/Commodities, MCX/Forex, NSE/Equities, NSE/Forex and NSE/F&O.
Presto has a modular architecture that enables connections to additional exchanges world-wide & asset-classes. It is suitable for developing, testing & deploying diverse trading strategies.
Presto is developed using leading-edge java technologies & standards.
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OMNESYS is an India based provider of multi-asset, multi venue trading systems. OMNESYS software provides market data and connectivity solutions to both the buy-side and sell-side firms. The product suite is available as a firm or broker hosted model, and in a Software As a Service (SaS) Model. The product OMNESYS NEST™ is widely accepted in the marketplace and is used by leading institutions, exchanges and brokers.

OMNESYS NEST™ is used by more than 150 of the top institutions in India as well as various exchanges which provide OMNESYS NEST™ as a front office service to their customers. The software as a service model is available to all the members of the exchanges and covers the entire trading community.  OMNESYS NEST™ product suite provides trading capability, distribution of market data to various branches, order management and execution capabilities, algorithmic trading software, APIs for both buy and sell side firms.

RTS: RealTime Systems:

The cornerstone of RTS’ solutions for algorithmic traders is RTD Tango. Tango helps customers program, test and implement a wide variety of strategies – from simple to complex – across all asset classes.

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Open source trading platforms:

Marketcetera is an open source platform for strategy-driven trading, providing you with all the tools you need for strategy automation, integrated market data, multi-destination FIX routing, broker neutrality and more. With Marketcetera.
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TradeLink as a free and more open version of TradeStation or NinjaTrader.
It is a 100% open source.
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