Books about hedge funds

All about hedge funds

All About Hedge Funds
Hedge funds have long been viewed as mysterious, high-risk investments, unsuitable for most investors. All About Hedge Funds debunks these myths and explains how any investor can take advantage of the high-potential returns of hedge funds while incorporating safeguards to limit their volatility and risk.
Guide to Hedge Funds
Guide To Hedge Funds
Guide To Hedge Funds (What They Are, What They Do, Their Risks, Their Advantage)
Fund of Hedge Funds
Funds Of Hedge Funds
* With over $450 billion in assets, hedge funds of funds are the darling of investors
* First book to present rigorous academic research about funds of funds
* Leading lights in academic finance from around the world analyze the broad array of issues involved in funds of funds
Emerging Market Hedge fund
Hedge Funds In Emerging Markets  

Largely exempt from regulation and shrouded in secrecy, “hedge funds” are one of the most controversial institutions in modern finance. Presenting a balanced view of the subject.Â

Investment strategies
Investment Strategies Of Hedge Funds
One of the fastest growing investment sectors ever seen, hedge funds are considered by many to be exotic and inaccessible. This book provides an intensive learning experience, defining hedge funds, explaining hedge fund strategies while offering both qualitative and quantitative tools that investors need to access these types of funds.
Financial Engineering
Principles Of Financial Engineering
Worth buying book @ Rs 495.00
Neftci’s introduction to financial engineering shows readers how to create financial assets in static and dynamic environments. This second edition features five new chapters, numerous additions to existing chapters, and an expanded collection of questions and exercises.

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