Headstart Launches Global Emerging Markets Fund

With growing investor interest in emerging markets and following on from the success of its Limestone Wider Russia Fund, Headstart Advisers has launched the new Limestone Global Emerging Markets Fund.

The fund will look to exploit the inherent value and growth in emerging markets as the world undergoes a huge shift in wealth away from the developed markets to the thriving, less indebted emerging markets in the developing world.

The fund will have a medium term investment horizon seeking capital appreciation with a focus on liquidity and Headstart’s in depth proprietary research.

There will initially be a bias to the liquid markets of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) but the new Headstart Advisers fund will also invest across all emerging markets where there is value and opportunity. The fund will rely on the core competency of Najy Nasser, Headstart Adviser’s Chief Investment Officer, to analyse market movements combined with Headstart’s in depth research and risk management.

Source: PRNewswire