NSE F&O data downloader

NSE-Data-Downloader is a FREE tool to download NSE (National Stock Exchange) end of the day (EOD) data for Futures & Options.

NSE-Data-Downloader is a simple tool. It creates a folder ‘NSEDATA’ and downloads data in raw zip format. Before running the tool, please  make sure that you have an active internet connection and you have put date information in right format (dd/MM/yyyy). This tool can run on Windows XP, VISTA and Windows 7.

If you need to group all downloaded compressed files  (Downloaded only using NSE-Data-Downloader) to a single csv or text file, we provide  a tool to group data into a single file using Filter tool. The filter tool can extract data  based on ticker , year  and contract type.  Before running the  filter tool, please download data using our NSE-Data-Downloader and select the’ NSEDATA’  folder where downloaded zip files are.

Download NSEDataDownloader

Download NSE Filter Tool

NSE Data Downloader



Filter ToolFiltertool

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Download : NSE Equity Data download tool (End of the day data)

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