Fund Accountant (HCL)


 Monthly, Quarterly and Other Periodic Activities
1.  For Hedge Funds and Fund of Funds:
    a.  Accumulate and summarize portfolio activity from the funds' investment manager, banks, custodians and underlying fund administrators.
    b.  Review and record cash transactions.
    c.  Review and record expense activity.
    d.  Mark the value of the portfolio to market.
2.  Accumulate and summarize investor activity from the funds' investor services agent.
3.  Prepare expense budget analysis and perform expense calculations.
4.  Determine the value of the funds and allocate that value to each investor, including:
    a.  New issue income
    b.  Side pocket income
    c.  Management fees
    d.  Incentive allocation and crystallization, incorporating hurdles and preferred returns
    e.  Side letter agreements
5.  For unitized funds, calculate equalization.
6.  Calculate and review the funds' geometric returns.
7.  Coordinate the preparation & distribution of each investor's periodic capital statement
8.  Prepare unaudited financial statements.
9.  Prepare and distribute other recurring and ad hoc monthly reports to internal and external parties.
10.  Perform Staff functions, if required.


Annual Activities
1.  For unitized funds, calculate transactions for series of shares roll up.
2.  Assist in the annual audit.
3.  Prepare the annual financial statements including cost/unrealized rolls, FAS 157 tables, SOI, financial highlights,.

Supervisory Responsibilities
1.  Maintain a controlled, SAS 70 operating environment that complies with operational standards.
2.  Supervise the monthly, quarterly and other periodic fund and partner accounting activities and review deliverables to ensure they meet quality and timeliness standards.
3.  Supervise and assist in the preparation of regular financial statements, including cost/unrealized rolls, FAS 157 tables, SOI, financial highlights, and their audit.
4.  As directed by the Sec Processing Sr. Analyst, resolve issues and address high level requests from clients and other third parties in conjunction with Relationship Management.
5.  Meet with clients on an annual basis as delegated by the Sec Processing Sr. Analyst.
6.  Liaise with HR to participate in the interview and selection of candidates for open positions.
7.  Manage staff assignments in conjunction with client deliverables.
8.  Assist your Sec Processing Sr. Analyst/AVP in their quarterly/annual review preparation, by giving them accurate/candid feedback and goals for the sec processing analysts that work with you directly.

1.  Work with and assist other associates in meeting common goals.
2.  Independently manage time over the monthly, quarterly and annual production schedules to assure all deliverable deadlines are met.
3.  Develop expertise with few repetitions.
4.  Operate in an environment in which the business logic has not been automated. 



INR 2,00,000 – 7,00,000 P.A



IT Software, Software Services

Functional Area:


Financial Services, Banking, Investments, Insurance

Role Category:


Financial Services/Stock Broking




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